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Bitumen Tape

Bitumen Tape

Description :

  • Bituwrap 41-HT Tape (Bitumen)



Sizes :

  • 50mm (W) x15m (L)

  • 100mm (W) x15m (L)

  • 150mm (W) x15m (L)

Features - Bituwrap 41-HT Tape (Bitumen) :

• Medium-duty cold applied 2-ply PE/Bituminous Rubber (Bitumen) system, supplied with plastic interleaving

• High-quality multi-purpose flexible tape system that provides anti-corrosion and long life to underground pipelines

• AWWA C209-19 compliant and offers excellent steel water pipes and fittings coating

• Tape was developed from high-density polyolefin  film laminated with a strong adhesive bitunimous rubber compound


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